Binary Distributions

You can install the latest nightly release of Triton from pip:

pip install -U --pre triton

From Source

Python Package

You can install the Python package from source by running the following commands:

git clone;
cd triton/python;
pip install -e .

This may take a while (10-20 minutes) as it will download and compile LLVM from source.

You can then test your installation by running the unit tests:

pytest -vs .

and the benchmarks

cd bench/
python -m run --with-plots --result-dir /tmp/triton-bench

C++ Package

Those not interested in Python integration may want to use the internals of Triton (i.e, runtime, parser, codegen, driver, intermediate representation) directly. This can be done by running the following commands:

git clone;
mkdir build;
cd build;
cmake ../;
make -j8;

Note that while direct usage of the C++ API is not officially supported, a usage tutorial can be found here