Binary Distributions

You can install the latest stable release of Triton from pip:

pip install triton

Binary wheels are available for CPython 3.6-3.9 and PyPy 3.6-3.7.

And the latest nightly release:

pip install -U --pre triton

From Source

Python Package

You can install the Python package from source by running the following commands:

git clone;
cd triton/python;
pip install cmake; # build time dependency
pip install -e .

Note that, if llvm-11 is not present on your system, the script will download the official LLVM11 static libraries link against that.

You can then test your installation by running the unit tests:

pip install -r requirements-test.txt
pytest -vs test/unit/

and the benchmarks

cd bench/
python -m run --with-plots --result-dir /tmp/triton-bench